Getting ready

Hello there! This is me and what I’m doing.

October 30: Putting it down in words so I actually have to commit to this harebrained scheme of mine.

Hi there!

My name is Taylor Lampela. This is me:

ugh I never know what to do with my hands when I take selfies

A little bit about me: I’m 21 years old (almost 22); I’m from Wisconsin, but I’ve moved around a lot and currently I reside in Bakersfield (aka the armpit of California) and would love to move back to Southern California where I went to school.

I love vinyl records and band t shirts and going to concerts.

Me with a few of my babies. I have upwards of 50 in my collection and counting…

I also have discovered my intense love for British television (and Benedict Cumberbatch), and Netflix is my current BFF.

I’ve seen all of these episodes. At least twice. And The Reichenbach Fall still reduces me to a slobbering mess.

Oh and I graduated college this past May after finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Communications at a private school in Southern California in three years as opposed to four, graduating with a 3.87 GPA Magna Cum Laude with Honors.

The most expensive piece of paper I’ll ever own.


I don’t have a job.

Well, ok not exactly true. I’ve worked at a movie theatre since I was a junior in high school and the manager is super nice to keep taking me back on when I come back. I never intended to come back to Bakersfield and work a part-time minimum wage job after college. I was supposed to have a REAL job. Or at least a job that will pay off the buttload of debt I’ve accrued in pursuing the so called American Dream.

So now it’s nearly November, six months post graduation, and that means loans are coming due. I’m terrified to be honest. I can’t tell you how many nights I lay awake in anxiety. And I still don’t have a job.

Not from lack of trying though. In the past year I’ve sent out over 100 online applications.

I’m sick of it.

I’m sick of the vague “it.” The endless career searches. Career Builder, Monster, Indeed, Craigslist. Is it legit? Am I getting scammed? Why do I have to fill out my past employment history again if I’m submitting a resume? Is anyone seeing my resume that I spent hours perfectly kerning and crafting and laying out on my free trial of Photoshop since I have no money to actually purchase it? Are my credentials getting swept away in the swell of bits and bytes or emails and online resumes to only get an automatic “Thanks for your reply. We’ll contact you if your qualifications meet what we are looking for.” And then later I’ll get these:

Like THIS. Can we be more vague and inhuman? I can’t tell…

I could recite my resume and cover letter in my sleep I’ve looked at it so many times. I know exactly which copy of the 20 carbon copies of my cover letter I should use for which type of job I’m applying to. My heart leaps a little when I see a job I’d love to have and subsequently sinks when I see that what should be an “entry level” job requires two to three years related experience. How am I supposed to get that experience if no one is willing to give it to me?

So I’m done with the internet. At least the traditional way of using it. That’s why I’ve got this blog. I’m going to document my attempt to be employed by the end of November. I’ve taken a week off of work at the movie theatre and I’m going to the Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles areas to try to find a job so I can get out of my parent’s house and on with my life. I would ideally like to work in the entertainment sector in production, you know, behind the scenes stuff, or any sort of media, online, social media type of position. I really don’t want to sit behind a desk all the time; working in live theatre for years has made me a very active, hands on type of person. At this point, I’ll get coffee and run errands all day as long as you pay me and give me positive feedback once and awhile.

I can do this. I want to be employed before I turn 22 in December. I’ve got 30 days, printed copies of my resume, fancy clothes, a car and a sense of hope that’s almost so desperate it has to work.

I want to work. I want to make something of myself. So let’s do this. It won’t be “No Job November.” It will be  NEW JOB NOVEMBER.

Cross your virtual fingers for me,



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