Getting ready

Dreamweaver: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love HTML5 and CSS3

October 31st: The day before my adventure officially begins

Halloween is spent by many in the tradition of dressing up and getting free candy (or going to parties). Mine, is spent in Starbucks alone, next to this guy who I swear is stoned since he’s barely budged or looked anywhere else but ahead for the past 2 and half hours, coding HTML for my personal website and trying to come up with an idea for a costume for a party I’ll be attending that isn’t wearing a cream colored sweater with an army jacket to be  a female version of John Watson from Sherlock.

(Aside: My 11th grade English teacher just walked into Starbucks, and now there’s a girl in a toga picking up her latte. I swear I’m in the Twilight Zone right now.)

Anyway, I’ve ingested nothing but coffee in the past three hours and I’m hungry and I’ve got seven programs open on my computer (sorry bro) and what feels like barely anything to show for it. Here’s what I’ve got:

To be fair, I had to design my logo, and six separate images in Photoshop to get this look. Each of the colored blocks rolls over from red to black, where the letters change in orientation and kerning. Believe me, it looks pretty cool when you actually do it. Can’t link you to it since it’s not hosted on a server yet. Which by the way, what’s the best domain name hoster for a decent price? I was going to look at Godaddy, but let me know if there’s something better.

Anyway, everything’s going pretty smoothly, except for the fact that my last little block “links” won’t rollover in Chrome. Which is why I’ve screenshot it on Firefox. I prefer Chrome and I don’t want my website to load improperly for someone who wants to view it, so if anyone can help me troubleshoot this, let me know. The other two work fine and the code is identical in Dreamweaver for the third one. I’m just taking a break for right now.

You can only stare at this for so long before you begin to see gibberish:

Actually, it already looks like gibberish. Thank goodness I know how to read it for the most part.

It’s not that I don’t like HTML coding; I actually find it very relaxing in a way. It’s also very rewarding when you finally get it to look the way you want it to! I took a class in it my last semester at school, and even though it was at 8 in the morning (you try doing this at 8am and tell me how you like it), I enjoyed and I wouldn’t actually mind doing this more often. I’m thinking of asking some of my actor friends if they want me to design personal websites for them for a nominal fee. Here’s some links to my work from that class: an entirely hand coded resume page, a group project that was 90% my effort, and then my final portfolio page.

So hopefully having a more polished version of a personal site will be an easy way to attract attention to my resume and share it as well. Also it can show that I know how to use HTML5, and it’s partner CSS3. (I wonder if anyone’s written geek fanfiction about that ahahaha…oh man I’ve had too much coffee….)

I’ve officially been here too long…

I’ve also tweaked my resume that I designed in Photoshop to match my website design, which I’ll go to Kinko’s tomorrow and get a bunch of copies printed for when I begin my walkabout of Los Angeles next week.

And I guess that my decision to do this comes at the very best time, since I found out from my job at the movie theatre that because they hired 20 more people gratuitously, that all our hours are getting cut drastically and I will need to find another job soon anyway. Here’s to hoping I’ll soon be employed full-time making more than minimum wage. Because I’m worth more than that. It’s not conceited to say that right? I’ve worked hard and I’m going to keep working hard to show the unforgiving world what I’m really worth, and not just in dollar amounts…

Tomorrow’s November. I’m getting ready for you!


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